Call for Papers: EDEN’s 2018 Workshop Towards Personalized Guidance and Support for Learning

La Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) participa en l'organització de l'EDEN’s 2018 Workshop Towards Personalized Guidance and Support for Learning, que tindrà lloc els dies 24-26 d'octubre d'enguany al CosmoCaixa. Fins el dia 9 de juliol sou a temps per participar en el Call for Presentations obert. A continuació detallem la informació:

Workshop focuses on the crucial and changing roles of teachers in supporting student learning in the digital world. This includes the creation of enabling conditions that encourage learning personalization, learner agency and self-direction: Experiences of learner empowerment resulting from balanced “guide on the side” teaching; Timely teaching interventions; Consistent feedback and feedforward; Explicit teaching of learning-to-learn strategies; Assessment for learning; Technology-based adaptive teaching. 

Keynote Speakers

Neil Selwyn - Monash University (Australia)

Sanna Järvelä - University of Oulu (Finland)

Paper presentations

Presentation of research results, reviews of existing results (including empirical or theoretical studies, policy reviews, comprehensive case studies), and project results that are in a conclusive phase.  Paper submission.


Work-in-progress, initial research results, projects in early stages of development, and case studies. Poster presentations will be themed in related sessions. Poster submission.

PhD Symposium

A PhD Student Symposium will take place as part of the RW to foster the exchange of experiences and knowledge among doctoral students doing research in the area of the event’s theme, while providing a discussion forum for the advancement of doctoral research. Submit your abstract before 9 July 2018. More information.