The White Paper

The White Paper on the University of Catalonia offers a structure for a common framework for Catalan public universities to build a collective and cooperative strategy to position the Catalan university system as a role model for southern Europe. The paper offers 64 strategies and 73 specific projects to be implemented in order to build this university system of quality and international reference.

Besides its symbolic value, the new concept of a University of Catalonia, -a brand that, for the first time, brings together eight different university profiles with an aim towards building a cohesive and quality university system-, the White Paper distinguishes itself by bringing a unique and shared point of view to the European debate on the university and its role in contemporary society. The paper is particularly remarkable for drafting a common framework with specific goals for the future “that go far beyond mere programmatic intentions and words,” as noted Anna Maria Geli, UdG Rector and acting ACUP President in June 2008, when the document was publicly presented in Barcelona.

Through a series of 64 strategies and 73 projects, the White Paper describes a new model of Catalan university with a clear vocation to serve society, where the universities are committed to promoting transparency and accountability and to working together to improve the quality of education, to promote international presence,  strengthen scientific research and encourage knowledge transfer with the aim of contributing to social, economic and cultural progress. The document is divided into eleven sections that correspond to major spheres of activity to move towards this new, more cohesive and coordinated, geographically balanced university concept, with a unique and complementary profile and common goals. The White Paper was promoted and drafted by the ACUP with the support of the Ministry of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Caixa Catalunya and Banco Santander.

The White Paper

The White Paper, presented publicly in 2008, has had a great impact not only in Catalonia and the rest of Spain, but also in various European forums and countries

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