Portal for good teaching innovation practices

This portal periodically brings together cases of good teaching innovation practices from the eight Catalan public universities.

The Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP), together with the Secretariat of Research and Universities of the Generalitat de Catalunya, carry out the 'Portal of good practices in teaching innovation' of the eight Catalan public universities, available online on the web bonespractiques.acup.cat


The current context leads us to reflect on the various actions that have been taken in the field of teaching innovation in education. For this reason, this collection of experiences aims to highlight the efforts and initiatives that universities have made to place higher education at an international benchmark.

This good practice portal selects those jobs that focus on teaching, research, knowledge transfer and the management of the schools themselves. The selected cases are evaluated by a scientific committee made up of experts in the field of teaching innovation, following evaluation criteria. Priority is given to those cases that:

- They try to give solutions to educational problems detected by teachers

- They can respond to a collective project and therefore affect the whole center or its environment

- Encourage teamwork and collaboration between students, teachers, the center and the environment

- They include new resources and use of ICT

- They show new ways of relating the university to its environment

Project objectives:

- To give visibility to the teaching innovation practices of Catalan public universities

- Highlight the initiatives carried out by universities

- Create a collection of good practices in teaching innovation through the ACUP

- Disseminate good practices of teaching innovation in Higher Education


This project is aimed at all members of the educational community and society. For this reason, a file has been made of each of the selected experiences with detailed information on the project so that other professionals can get to know it and apply it in their field of action. In addition to this material, a series of videos have been made, grouped according to the themes of the projects, and in each of them the teachers who have participated in this project are interviewed. The aim of the videos was to provide more general information about the content of the experience, in order to reach a more global audience.