Institutional Trips

One of the most important activities carried out by ACUP, within the International Relations Plan, is to promote the Catalan university system in the world and, at the same time, learn from other university systems.

Every year, ACUP organizes an institutional trip with the Secretary of Universities and Research in a different city to present the Catalan system and learn from the system of the country of destination with the aim of improving both and creating spaces of collaboration between universities. In addition, a few months before the trip, ACUP elaborates a precise document on the university system of the country of destination that analyzes the organization of the university system: basic country data, background, students, financing, governing bodies in universities, structure of studies, university governance, innovation and research system, internationalization and university-business cooperation. Institutional trips have been organized to countries such as Israel, the United States, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, etc.