The project of promoting e-administration for universities responds to the desire to increase efficiency and innovation in public university governance, by expanding the use of information and communication technologies in the various areas of work in universities.

The project complements the Law on Citizens’ Electronic Access to Public Services (11/2007). This law involves the introduction of changes in the organisation of universities to implement new information communication technologies (ICT) to be able to give a more agile, efficient and effective service to citizens. In this context, the Catalan public universities have been jointly developing an ambitious project since 2008 to boost electronic administration, or e-administration. This is implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise; the Department of Governance and Public Administration of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Catalan Supercomputing Centre (CESCA). The project is directed by the university Heads of Administration committee and has a technical committee comprised of managers and technicians from universities on ICT, organisation, archiving and regulatory aspects. The project includes several specific actions, including the following:

E-administration Regulations; Information and Training ModulesElectronic RegistrationE-identity and E-signatureManagement of Files/DocumentsE-scanning and E-printingE-fileE-billE-procurementE-logs; E-notification; E-vote.


The Ministry of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise has provided more than 5 million euros to promote e-administration

Catalan universities have made a significant effort to introduce new technologies in a rational and structured manner