New website of the Reports of Indicators and Impacts of Catalan public universities

The new website of the Reports on Indicators and Impacts of Catalan public universities is available at

The website includes the 9 reports published by the Catalan Association of Public Universities from 2011 to the present. Through the periodic publication of these reports, Catalan public universities are accountable for their activity and the results and impacts of public investment on institutions and society.

Depending on the indicators analyzed, three types of reports are available:

  • RESEARCH AND INNOVATION INDICATOR REPORTS: Research and innovation are the backbone of the most advanced, knowledge-based economies. Bearing in mind the commitment to knowledge generation, transfer to society and the obligation of transparency and accountability, the Research and Innovation Indicators Reports focus on the monitoring and projection of research and innovation activity. of the Catalan university system.
  • REPORTS ON TRAINING AND TEACHING INDICATORS: The training of critical and committed citizens and competent professionals is the first mission of universities; it has been so historically and continues to be so today in a more complex, changing, and increasingly globalized world. These reports aim to present a series of data on university training and teaching, taking into account all aspects involved, from students and teaching and research staff themselves to training programs and the corresponding quality accreditation, passing for infrastructure, international mobility or lifelong learning offers.
  • REPORTS ON THE IMPACTS OF UNIVERSITY ACTIVITY ON SOCIETY: The report Socio-economic impacts of public universities and the public research system of Catalonia analyzes the contribution of these institutions and knowledge networks to the country's wealth through various quantitative and qualitative indicators. Focusing on social and economic benefits, this study aims to build an image as accurate as possible of the benefits of having a leading university and public research system. The study Impacts of Catalan public universities on society makes an extensive study of the direct and indirect repercussions of the activity that Catalan public universities have on the society and economy of Catalonia.
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