ACUP presents the 'Socio-Urban Diagnosis of the Mayard District in Jacmel, Haiti' report

The Association of Catalan Public Universities has pubished the 'Socio-Urban Diagnosis of the Mayard District in Jacmel, Haiti' report. The publication exposes the results of the ACUP, "La Caixa" Foundation and the Barcelona City Council project conducted jointly with the City of Jacmel and the Université Publique du Sud-est à Jacmel (UPSEJ). The project consists of three phases and the present study is the result of the phase II -the phase with community participation. The report is made ​​from more than 300 surveys conducted by project technicians and Mayard inhabitants -trained by the ACUP and the Agence Technique Locale (ATL) of the City of Jacmel-, in the neighborhood of Mayard.

The authors are Teresa Tapada, anthropology professor (UAB), Ramon Canal (IGOP-UAB), and Yraida Romano and Alejandro Maraimbo (UPC) and the ACUP project manager, Celia Esquerra. The interest of the work lies in the documentation of the cooperation project, the community involvement and the description of a census and the social and urban characteristics of the district so far non existent. Thus, the document will be useful for NGOs, but also to the community itself in order to explain its demands.

Las December the report was presented in Jacmel. Following the project's budget and in accordance with the needs of the Mayard district came three proposals: a  square, a cultural center and a street segment. And finally it was decided to build a square according to the inhabitants votes. Next March The catalan and haitian architects and engineers, and the local population, will begin the works. 

Attached you will find the report