Presentation of the 6th Higher Education in the World Report

The Global University Network for Innovation presented on March, 10th, the 6th Higher Education in the World (HEIW) Report, entitled ‘Towards a Socially Responsible University: Balancing the Global with the Local’ in an online fully open-access version, together with a synthesis in paper format. The 6th HEIW Report deals with the dual responsibilities of universities at local and global scale, exploring the potential conflict, or intrinsic difficulties, in addressing both local demands of society based on the race for global competitiveness and local and global demands to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable society (at local and global scales). More than 30 international experts have contributed to a dissection of the topic and the identification of good practices that can help academic leaders and policy-makers to realize the highest purposes of education and research.

Universities have always been key institutions for social development. Today, in the context of an increasingly knowledge-based society and econ-omy, their role is strengthened and extended: universities have become critical to the social, economic, cultural and technological development of societies. At the same time, they have become key institutions that can meet the global challenges facing humanity and the planet, which are described in the UN Sustainable Develop-ment Goals 2030. Through their main missions (training, scientific research, knowledge transfer and social commitment), universities at the start of the twenty-first century are dedicated to build-ing more prosperous, fair societies with a greater emphasis on responsible, critical knowledge. It is from this perspective that GUNi shall continue to act, forming partnerships worldwide to promote reflection on higher education and the advancement of societies in a global context.

The presentation involved the President of GUNi and ACUP, Jaume Casals; the Secretary for Universities and Research of the Generalitat, Arcadi Navarro; the academic director of the 6th HEIW Report, F. Xavier Grau; the President of the Fundación Cultura de Paz, Federico Mayor Zaragoza; the Director General for Multilateral and European Affairs of the Government of Catalonia, Manuel Manonelles; the Secretary of the Barcelona Municipal School Council, Albert Pérez, and the members of the Editorial Team, John Goddard and Budd Hall.

More information about the program and registrations here.

Date: 10/03/2017 -11:45 to 13:30

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Venue: La Pedrera (c/ Provença, 261-265. Barcelona)

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