University Cooperation with Africa

The program of university cooperation with Africa represents a commitment to long-term collaboration between the Catalan universities and the universities, research centers and universities, associations and networks of sub-Saharan Africa. Falls within the "Plan of international public universities 2010-2015" and is part of the strategy of university cooperation in collecting the "Plan of University Cooperation for Development 2011-2015."

The main objective of the Programme is to create stable long-term partnerships that affect the improvement of university management capabilities of universities in sub-Saharan Africa, as essential to promote the institutional strengthening of these. This is intended to influence the improvement of training, research and knowledge transfer, as areas of activity of the universities themselves, which they carry out.

In the context of international debate for improving the effectiveness of aid, the university cooperation program with Africa represents a clear commitment of the Catalan universities to promote coordination and concentration of the actions of university cooperation for development they carry out in sub-Saharan Africa, with the aim of increasing their impact. This establishes a framework that will carry out joint projects and bilateral cooperation between African universities and Catalan.


A. Entrepreneurship, Resources, Management, Innovation and Technologies (ERMIT) program

B. PLE-PhD – Doctorate and E-supervision program 

C. African Spanish Higher Education Platform

D. 'Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Africa - Technipedia' project

E. University Training Program on Institutional Development and Management (DIGU)

F. Interuniversity Consortium Management (CIGU)