University Cooperation for Development

Catalan public universities promote recognition of the role of higher education in development and help create strong universities in partner countries.

The CUD Plan establishes the objectives and strategies for the coming years in the field of University Cooperation for Development and lays the foundations for strengthening the joint work of the different ACUP universities in this field.

Catalan universities have a long history of carrying out university development cooperation (CUD) projects. Over the years, these actions have become increasingly relevant and institutionalized within Catalan universities. Within the framework of the ACUP, CUD’s activities are worked on jointly through the Cooperation Working Group, which is part of the Social Responsibility Commission.

Within the framework of the project, the following initiatives were promoted:

  • Country strategies Morocco and Mozambique
  • Map of university cooperation
  • CUD observatories
  • ESDU - Education for sustainable development in universities
  • University Cooperation Plan

The CUD initiatives are based on a process of reflection on the future of the Catalan CUD, maintained within the ACUP, which has resulted in the elaboration of the University Cooperation Plan 2011-2015 (CUD Plan). With this document, the universities that make up the ACUP reaffirm and promote their commitment to human and sustainable development. The main objective of the joint CUD strategy is to help increase university cooperation and improve its real impact on the institutional strengthening of universities and the development of partner countries and on raising awareness in society. The CUD Plan, in addition to establishing objectives and strategies for the coming years in the field of CUD, lays the foundations for strengthening the joint work of the different ACUP universities in the field of CUD.

Completed programs and projects

  • University cooperation program with Africa
  • Institutional Development and Training in University Management (DIGU)
  • African Spanish Higher Education Management Platform
  • Technipedia
  • IDEA - Doctoral Innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Ple-PhD
  • Joint program of collaboration with higher education institutions in Haiti
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