Map of university cooperation

The map of university cooperation is promoted by the ACUP to give greater visibility to the cooperation activities carried out at the university level and to locate geographically the scope of action of university cooperation while providing specific data on all each of the projects.

This map allows to locate geographically the field of action of the university cooperation at the same time as it contributes concrete data of each and every one of the projects, as they are: university or driving center, objectives of the project, field of action, partners and associated counterparts, location of the actions developed, as well as the periodization of the project.

The map of university cooperation has been promoted by the public universities of the ACUP with the aim of giving greater visibility to the cooperation activities carried out at the university level. This new tool will allow better coordination between universities and the promotion of new collaboration frameworks for the realization of joint projects with other universities and public bodies in the different regions. It will also facilitate the degree of knowledge of the university community, NGOs and society in general about the projects and areas of cooperation carried out by the ACUP universities. It is a living map open to new contributions and additions. Anyone working on an initiative that has not yet been picked up is welcome to contact us to add it and complete the map.

The elaboration of this map is part of the Joint Communication Strategy for University Development Cooperation promoted by the ACUP and has the collaboration of the Agència Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament (ACCD).

Mapa de cooperació universitària