UPF appears in two new subjects and climbs in seven in the 2019 QS Ranking by Subject

In the 2019 edition of the QS World University Rankings by Subject published on 27 February 2019, UPF appears in fifteen subjects, and with respect to the previous edition, improves or keeps the same ranking. UPF stands out in Economics and Econometrics and Linguistics, for which the University comes in the top hundred (51-100 bracket).

The fifteen subjects in which UPF appears are divided among four of the five areas that evaluated in the classification (all except Natural Sciences): Social Sciences and Management (97th position), Arts and Humanities (213th), Life Sciences and Medicine (369th), and Engineering and Technology (401-450).

Globally, the institutions that come in first position in the five areas of the ranking are the universities of Oxford (Arts and Humanities), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Engineering and Technology and Natural Sciences) and Harvard (Life Sciences and Medicine and Social Sciences and Management).

Position of the fifteen subjects in which the University is represented

Two of the ranking’s fifteen subjects that feature UPF are new compared to the previous edition: Philosophy, which is in the 151-200 bracket, and Electrical and Electronic Engineering, in the 351-400 bracket.

Among the subjects for which it already scored in 2018, UPF has improved in seven: Accounting and Finance, Law, Sociology, and Politics and International Studies (all four rising from the 151-200 bracket to the 101-150 bracket); Business and Management Studies (from the 201-250 bracket to the 151-200 bracket), and Medicine and Biological Sciences (from the 301-350 bracket to the 251-300 bracket).

It maintains its position in four subjects (Linguistics, 51-100, Modern Languages, 101-150; Art and Design, 151-200, and Mathematics, 351-400). Finally, for Economics and Econometrics, although it falls compared to the previous edition, in which it occupied 38th position, it is still within the top 100 (range 51-100). The other subject in which UPF has fallen but remains among the top positions is Communication and Media Studies, dropping from the 51-100 bracket to the 101-150 bracket.

Ranking scope and methodology

The QS World University Rankings by Subject, published by QS Quacquarelli Symonds since 2011, offers an extensive vision of higher education around the world, with more than 1,200 universities in 78 countries, analysing 48 subjects.

In terms of the methodology used, QS provides information about the most highly esteemed and most influential universities in each subject. To this end, it uses three indicators already present in the global rankings it publishes each autumn: a survey on academic reputation, a survey on employer reputation, and the citations received by the publications of each lecturer.

Source: UPF