The UdG obtains 11.4% of the Industrial Doctorates of Catalonia

Source: comms UdG

Since this initiative was launched in 2012, the participation of the University of Girona in the Industrial Doctorate Plan has been advancing with a total of 54 awarded projects, 38 own researchers directing theses, 22 research groups involved and 13 theses. doctoral reads.

The Industrial Doctorate Plan of the Generalitat de Catalunya grants, in annual calls since 2012, grants for research projects that are developed within the strategic framework of a company or entity in the business environment and, at the same time, within the 'a research group. In these projects, the doctoral student must carry out his / her research training, with the aim of doing a doctoral thesis in any field of knowledge and in any sector.

Since this initiative was launched in 2012, the participation of the University of Girona (UdG) in the Industrial Doctorate Plan has been advancing with a total of 54 projects awarded (7% of the total), 38 researchers themselves directing theses , 22 research groups involved and 13 doctoral theses read. The record figure comes in the 2021 call, with 13 projects awarded (11.4% of the total). The areas of the projects have been mainly health and biomedical sciences (30.7% of total projects), social sciences, arts and humanities (30.7%) and chemical sciences and technologies (15.4%). These projects have involved the signing of agreements with 4 large companies, 3 SMEs, 1 start-up, 3 private foundations and the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS). 54% of doctoral students were women and 46% were men. All doctoral students have been from Spain except one person from Colombia.

The new call for industrial doctorates for 2022 has recently been published in the DOGC (DOGC no. 8615 of 28/02/2022), endowed with a total budget of 5.8 million euros (1.5 million euros) more than the previous edition), which will finance more projects and respond to the growing demand for this Plan. Therefore, the deadline for submitting proposals for industrial doctoral projects is now open for publication on the program’s website, a preliminary procedure before formally applying for the grant. The schedule for grant applications for 2022 is as follows:

First partial resolution: until April 14.
Second partial resolution: from April 15 to June 9.
Third partial resolution: from June 10 to October 6.
Fourth and final resolution: October 7 to December 9.

You can consult the details of the Plan at this link:


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