Presentation of SPEET, a project to determine and categorize the different student profiles in engineering in Europe

On Wednesday, April 25th, the presentation of the SPEET project financed by the European Commission under Erasmus + will take place at Casa Convalescència (San Antoni Maria Claret, 171, Barcelona). The project, which is promoted by the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Catalonia with partners throughout the EU, aims to determine and categorize the different profiles of students in European engineering. This will allow, among other things, to know which ones will finish on time, which they will leave and which will take more time almost from the beginning of their studies. On this way we could think and propose actions to improve their results.

The project is currently ready to present the first results and explain the tool to carry out these categorizations of students and offer it to other institutions and centers, not just of engineering. Duringt the meeting (10-14h) Elena Gabarra of the Office of International Projects (OPI) of the UAB will present the ERASMUS + KA2 Strategic Partnerships Actions; R. Vilanova of the Department of Telecommunications and Systems Engineering of the UAB will explain SPEET: Automatic student profile and prediction of abandonment; José López Vicario of the Department of Telecommunications and Systems Engineering, UAB and Miguel Ángel Prada of the School of Engineering of the University of León will announce the SPEET's first analyzes and approaches.

In addition to a round table, the seminar will also include a paper given by the president of AQU Catalunya, Josep Joan Moreso, on the success and abandonment of university studies in Catalonia.

You will find more information and the registration form here.