Gathering RRI & RRI learning practices: the HEIRRI database is now online

The new HEIRRI database is now published online and available for everyone interested in RRI and RRI learning! The database compiles 23 exemplary cases related to RRI and RRI learning in higher education institutions, such as EU projects, different teaching/pedagogical approaches, programmes and courses and a policy document and a report.

The selection of the cases for this database was made based on the evidence collected on the HEIRRI State of the Art Review, which involved a variety of actors involved in RRI from a teaching and learning context, and a scanning of RRI-related EU projects, policy documents, academic papers, and more.

The database is already available on OA in this blog and it will be soon integrated into the already existing RRI Tools web platform, together with other inspiring practices and initiatives related to RRI.

We encourage you to discover these 23 exemplary cases related to RRI being taught, learnt and integrated into Higher Education Institutions!

You can download the document here. Among others, some of the initiatives chosen for the database are the FOSTER project (Facilitate Open Science Training for European Research), the EnRRICH project (Enhancing Responsible Research and Innovation through Curricula in Higher Education), the teaching resources ‘Engineers, Technology and Society’ (University of Western Australia), the subject “Ethics in Life Sciences” (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) or the Canadian Community-University Research Alliances (CURA). Explore the database to find out the rest!

Gathering RRI & RRI learning practices: the HEIRRI database is now online

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