El Centre Promotor d'Aprenentatge Servei calls to promote projects in order to mitigate COVID-19's consequences

The Centre Promotor d'Aprenentatge Servei (ApS) has called on all Primary and Secondary Education centres, as well as leisure institutions and social entities that wish to get involved, to carry out a service-learning activity in a confined situation in order to mitigate some of the consequences of COVID-19.

There are already many home-made projects to mitigate the negative effects of the pandemic: making masks, writing letters or drawing pictures for health personnel, making videos encouraging the use of masks in daily life, reading texts to elderly people via telephone or video, making proposals for greeting without fitting hands... But there are still possibilities that nobody has yet imagined.

Therefore, using virtual systems to meet and devise services that do not require personal contacts and that always follow health recommendations, the Centre Promotor d'ApS proposes the promotion of a service-learning (or community service) project. The projects can be carried out in a group, from three people, or with the participation of the whole group-class.

The centre recognises that this is not a good time to suggest additional efforts to the educational teams, but perhaps this proposal could be useful for the curriculum and civically sound. Asking young people and children to lend a hand now in times of need can be an experience that marks them forever. Whoever contributes to the community feels part of it.

To participate, you have to promote a project with the characteristics described by the Centre Promotor d'ApS, document it briefly and send the description to the same centre. The documentation and communication of the project must be done through the participation in social networks, sharing the proposals while they are developed with the hashtag #ApSdesdeCasa. A document describing some pages should also be written according to the suggestions indicated in the link. This document can be written by the students with the supervision of the teaching staff.

The deadline for submitting the document is twelve days after the last official day of the course. Thus, if the course ends on 19 June 2020, there will be time until 1 July. If the course is extended, twelve days will always be added. The document should be sent to the mail of the Centro Promotor d'ApS (cetre@aprenentatgeservei.cat).

APS des de casa