The ACUP with the Refugees

On October 13, the Association of Catalan Public Universities organizes, the presentation of the "Catalan universities refugees" through which universities express their commitment to work together in favour of refugees. The event will include the participation of the president of the ACUP, Enric Fossas and the vicerector of the University of Barcelona, Carme Panchón and various experts on conflicts, migration and refugees, who will discuss the current situation of refugees and the role of the Catalan universities to this reality.

First of all the statement "Catalan universities refugees" will be presented by the universities in order to promote and facilitate the active involvement of communities in the reception of refugees arrived to Catalonia. The event will be the starting point of a series of initiatives to support refugees such as talks on the Syrian conflict. It will also facilitate newcomers’ access to academic activities or articulate specific areas and services in response to the needs of these persons. Please follow #UniversitatsRefugi and keep updated on this website.