12th Congress CIDUI 2023: Improving learning experiences: Transformation and challenges

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Universitat de Lleida, Lleida (Catalonia, Spain)

This new edition is entitled “Improving learning experiences: Transformation and challenges”. Universities everywhere are immersed in highly complex environments and change processes that involve transformation of teaching systems. These processes must help to fulfil the primary mission of universities, which is none other than to ensure the quality of students’ learning outcomes.

Students must be at the centre of their learning process, both in individual and collective terms, while teachers must play a key role in guiding learning experiences and competence development throughout the entire education process, without neglecting the opportunities offered by new technologies.

Taking these challenges into account, the Congress will focus its attention on the need to find strategies to promote quality environments that will benefit greater personalisation and transversality in the education process.

After having to hold the last edition of the congress online, we are pleased to return to the face-to-face format with the aim of generating a dynamic arena for exchange and analysis among all attendees.