The participates in the SIS Catalyst conference in Estonia to promote education as a changing agent

The Childre'ns University of Catalonia ( participated in the conference organized by SIS Catalyst in Tartu, Estonia, from 23 to 26 April. Thirty members from 23 countries participated in the meeting in order to learn, discuss and design activities for children to promote the improvement of education as an agent of change in science and society.

During the congress the participants shared their experiences. In this sense, ACUP as a promoter of, and together with EAFIT and the Children's University of Medellin, Colombia, presented the first results of ‘Childre'ns Universities? ... why? '. The aim of this project is to find arguments to create and maintain Universities of the children thinking about the benefit of this initiative for children, their parents, schools, universities, governments and society.



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