Second Annual Conference of the EU Platform-Drivers

On December 1 took place in Brussels the second conference organized by the European Regional Innovation Drivers EU-platform. The EU-Drivers is a three-year project focused on lifelong learning funded by the EU and managed by the European Centre for Strategic Management of Universities ( The Centre is a consortium of ten European associations, networks, universities active in developing new regional and regional pilot projects launched by the EU-Drivers.

The conference entitled The U.S. Smart Specialisation Strategy Initiative was intended to support European regions to focus their innovation in a specific sector in which to succeed on the basis of regional assets, human capital and infrastructure. To achieve this, during the conference were debated EU policies, EU programs and initiatives practices of the European Commission to support the regional specialization. The critical success factors and mechanisms to support regional development, specialization and competitiveness in a globalized world, based on the universities as the driving force of the process were also debated.

Josep Ricart, vice chancellor of academic and political science at the University Rovira i Virgili, was among the participants.

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