11th International Symposium CIDUI 2020. 'Higher Education in the Knowledge Society: Challenges of Hybrid Models'

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CIDUI, with its 20 years of history as a space and agora for teaching innovation, widely recognized by our university system, cannot be alien to this unprecedented moment in higher education, and aims to give a voice to teachers from around the world to share and amplify the strategies and conclusions drawn in recent months, analyzing the experience itself and internationally, thus initiating a transformative reflection in the medium to long term.

Under this premise, it is proposed to hold the 11th International Symposium (online) entitled "Higher Education in the Knowledge Society: Challenges of Hybrid Models", where the potential of hybrid education can be debated and analysed through the experience accumulated internationally as a result of this global health crisis, in order to contribute to solving the present and future challenges posed to higher education institutions within the framework of the knowledge society.

Days: 1 and 2 July 2020

Registration is free and open to everyone through the following form.

More information here.

Contact: info@cidui.org