How to select the best students for your master's programs. Towards a competence-based admission model.



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On April 21 we invite you to participate in an open session on models for selection and admission of students in master's programs. Mastermind Europe project is funded by Erasmus Plus. It is coordinated by the University of Amsterdam (Vrije Universieit Amsterdam), with the participation of the Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP), the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA), the Conference of Presidents of Germany and education institutions upper Austria, Finland, Italy, Lithuania and Slovenia. The project aims to improve the mobility of national and European master students, moving from a model based on the admission of securities to a recognition based admission skills.

The session is opened at anyone interested in admission processes and models to ensure the best selection of students for each program. Kees Kouwenaar, project coordinator and expert in the admission of Vriej Universiteit Amsterdam, will be the expert speaker. The attendance is free prior registration here.

Location: Auditorium, Historical Building, University of Barcelona

Date: April  21, 2015

 Hours: 12:00 to 14:00