International Conference on University Teaching and Innovation (CIDUI)

The CIDUI Conference is an international academic event around teaching in Higher Education that has been held biannually since 2000.

Organized by the eight Catalan public universities, through their specialized units in teaching innovation and training of university teachers and the ACUP, the congress is a consolidated initiative that regularly brings together a large number of professors and professionals involved in the university field in improving innovation and teaching quality. Its main objectives include:

  1. Encourage the exchange of teaching experiences;
  2. Contribute to the improvement of teaching activity in universities;
  3. Encourage cooperation and exchange between universities and networks on issues of teaching quality;
  4. Debate at the academic level about the reality and challenges of higher education.
  5. Promote research and innovation with scientific rigor in the field of teaching.

The CIDUI organizes two events aimed at dealing with topics of interest and current affairs at the teaching level, the Congress and the Symposium, which are held alternately every two years.

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