2030 Agenda at the heart of university work: launch of the new videos on Catalan public universities in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals

Universities play a major role in contributing to social transformation and sustainable development through three missions: training, scientific research and innovation. For the first time, this role is reflected in the formulation of the Sustainable Development Goals. In this context, Catalan public universities are committed to contributing to and aligning themselves with the United Nations' global agenda. They are committed to placing sustainable development at the centre of their mission as institutions of higher education. They hope that the member universities of the ACUP can distinguish themselves in the future through their commitment and their contribution to the 2030 agenda, as a fundamental part of their social commitment: a commitment to placing them at the international forefront, as examples of links and commitment to their local society and to the planet as a whole.

In this line of work, the website www.ods.cat publishes nine new videos where various representatives of Catalan public universities show their commitment and contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. The portal has more than 40 cases published as examples of the link with the United Nations Agenda 2030. They are available at www.ods.cat.


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